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Your adventures don’t end here in Tampa, FL. With a travel trailer, the city is little more than your home base! To keep your touring coach ready for anything, you need RV service and repairs from time to time. The technicians at Airstream of Tampa can help.

Speedy and thorough RV repairs are the name of the game at our service center. Discover how our team can help RV owners in Dover, FL, and beyond prepare their vehicles for the most exotic adventures!

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Where Can I Find RV or Airstream Service near Me?

Evening dinners under the awning and beachside campfires with the backdrop of tall coconut palms—  your RV won’t just deliver you to your destination, but it also lets you stage a gathering like no other vehicle! Before you cruise out to Tampa Bay, though, your ride may need some backstage repairs.

Like any other vehicle, your RV needs regular maintenance to perform well. Our certified technicians can handle these services and get you back on the road quickly:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Brake & axle service

RV and Airstream Service for Florida Weather

A serviced RV is a clean RV, and we can wash and wax the exterior to have yours looking like new again. Does your trip to the beach feel incomplete without a boat? Our technicians can install towing features that let you hitch up trailers up to 30 feet in length—or longer.

Florida is the Sunshine State—and for good reason. If you want to harness the sun’s rays to power your RV, we offer solar panel installation as well. Whether it’s a single, double, or triple panel, you’ll have all the energy you need to power your appliances in an eco-friendly way.

The subtropical breeze of Florida feels full of moisture—after all, rain showers pour every afternoon like clockwork! Our exterior reseal service helps keep the water out, and yes, it does include a rain test.

Get RV and Airstream Repair near Tampa with the Best

At Airstream of Tampa, we want your next road trip or beachside adventure to go off without a hitch. If you choose our service center for repairs and upfits, we’ll be your partner in service and care.

See why Tampa and Dover, FL, residents choose us for RV repair when you schedule service with us. Just fill out our service form online to speed up your initial service response time, no matter when you make the request. We’ll be in touch in 24 hours or sooner—it’s our guarantee!